Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally...some free time!

Yesterday was a great day! I actually was able to play with my beads & buttons ALL DAY! I love days like that. Anyway, just thought I would post some pics of what I was able to finish.
I haven't decided if I'm going to sell this necklace or keep it. I love turquoise blue, especially with jeans & a white or brown top.
These two bracelets I actually made for two friends of mine whose birthdays are coming up. The picture of the charm bracelet (above) doesn't do it's super blinged out & the colors are really fun together. I love it!
Now for the change to my blog title..."Clella Belle's Beads". Well let me explain...I wanted to give this blog that title when I created it, but I decided not too & I don't even remember why. So after thinking about it for a long while I decided to make the change. Clella Belle is my great grandmother. When I was in high school she gave me a string of her beads with matching clip on earrings & told me she would love for me to wear them to my prom. Being a teenager, and I have to add in the 80"s, I wasn't excited to wear this "OLD" necklace & even less excited about the clip on earrings but I would have never let her know this. So it was mother made it her mission to make sure my dress matched the necklace. The prom came & went. I wore the beads but opted not to wear the earrings, I had to draw the line somewhere! It was the 80's after all so I wore my big gold hoops. My point in sharing this story is that I've always kept those beads, as life went on & especially after she passed away I have come to love this necklace & earrings. It is my first piece of vintage jewelry and as much as I like to find vintage jewelry & break it all apart to make something new I will never break this peice apart, it will stay in tact & always is on my bed side table.
I'm proud to say that the necklace still fits me although the dress does not. The dress is in my basement somewhere in my daughters dress up box! I can't believe that I'm going to do this but I have also posted the actual photo from my prom & just to answer the question before it's asked...yes I had a date, but I took this photo of just me for my grandma so she could see me wearing her beads. And just let me mention was the 80's, powder blue is NOT my color, we had awful hairstyles but we had great music!